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Media Caraïbes, international propellant of Young Afro-Caribbean Talents. Let's share our entrepreneurial passions.

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Since August 3, 2004, Media Caraïbes is a mainly musical radio whose programming constitutes an emotional and relational bridge between the Domiens residing in France, in Canada, in the overseas departments, the Caribbean and in Africa

Media Caraïbes supports its listeners 24 hours a day with programming that takes into account every moment of the day.

  • Music to flourish at the office, at home, while traveling.

  • Assistance to provide you with service to the extent of our possibilities.

Media Caraïbes is a presence on all continents thanks to the radio.fr process. Listen to Media Caraïbes wherever you are in the world via the 4G / 5G network, Internet, by installing the radio.fr application on your smartphone.

Everywhere in France, find the music of the sun on the Free network..

Media Caraibes

The Black and Mixed Music radio station.