🔹 Média Caraïbes vocation

Since August 3, 2003, Média Caraïbes has created an emotional and relational bridge between the populations residing in Europe, France, England, Africa, Martinique, Guyana, Reunion and the rest of the world by acting as an intermediary between these territories and the Guadeloupe.

Média Caraïbes is able to satisfy the aspirations of its listeners and meet their expectations through an authentic and meticulous musical program.

Média Caraïbes brings to its listeners, through its voice, the power to hear essential practical information that accompanies them every day in their daily lives without any saturation or useless lyrics.

Média Caraïbes is the magical and sunny voice of the country whose Afro-Caribbean music constitutes the resonance wherever you are in the world.

A Media

which helps the development of its listeners.

A Media

which echoes opportunities.

A Media

which contributes to the territorial dynamism.

A Media

which contributes to international influence.

🔹 Who is Média Caraïbes for ?

Clearly defined objective:

Today, new technologies allow worldwide broadcasting, in this case our Media Caribbean radio station is received by a large international audience.

Média Caraïbes guarantees distribution on mobile media (via computers, smartphones, tablets, connected speakers, connected radios) and distribution on fixed media (via connected television, internet boxes).

Média Caraïbes is investing in digital and particularly the Internet by deploying its own networks and hosting center. Thanks to our Partner in China, we have the latest equipment to guarantee the performance of our fiber optic network.

Clearly defined audience:

  • West Indian homes established in Europe, France, England, Africa, Reunion, West Indies-Guyana.

  • Young West Indians aged 20 and over living outside Guadeloupe.

  • Anyone in the world interested in the cultural and tourist wealth of Guadeloupe.

Média Caraïbes supports its listeners 24 hours a day with programming that takes into account every moment of the day.

  • Music to flourish at the office, at home, while traveling.

  • Small practical information to better cope with everyday life.

🔹 How to listen to the radio ?

24h/24 Média Caraïbes covers an immense geographical territory which goes from North America to the Antilles-Guyana, from Africa to Europe, from Asia to the Indian Ocean.

From its technical center in North America, thanks to the streaming process, listen to Média Caraïbes via the internet. All you need is a microcomputer, a tablet, a smartphone and all the other media guaranteeing streaming (Wi-Fi radio for example).

Média Caraïbes is available everywhere in France on the Free network. You can enjoy our program in your home via your box connected to the television.

Increase the stereophonic power of our broadcast by connecting the audio output of your box to your HI-FI system or your smartphone to your HI-FI system.

Listen to the radio in various ways:

📻 From your computer | Tablet

Enter the link in your browser

Open a tab and copy and paste the link

or click directly on one of the links.

Via :

📻 From your smartphone

Download the for:

Program available on your connected speakers:

  • Amazon Alexa


📻From your TV

Everywhere in France via Freebox, Free's radio package.