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Média Caraïbes invites you to discover MaGiC feat MaGiC. Young 30-year-old artist from Martinique.

MaGiC feat MaGiC is a 30-year-old artist from Martinique, having enjoyed success in the years 2011/2012. He is one of the great precursors of the “shatta” movement, a sub-genre of dancehall music. At only 16 years old, Magic marks the hearts of an entire generation, at a time when social networks did not yet exist. His music was very controversially criticized and banned from radio broadcasting, because his texts, although "simple" and not vulgar, were explicit and disturbed the mentalities of the time. However, it is undeniable: its success is the result of a new breath that makes the West Indies and neighboring cultures dance.

At that time, his titles "Ma Martiniquaise", "Mon Manège", "Monté enlè la Bête", "PoumPoumBamBam" and "Le CocoCoco" respectively reached 200,000 views, 600,000 views and 800,000 views on Youtube.

2022 : Single release "Génie"

In 2022, MaGiC feat MaGiC is back with their new single “GENIE” produced in collaboration with Freedom Films.

We find the artist on the amapiano in the company of the magnificent black queen Lesly, dancer and sole model of the video.

The Clip was shot in Martinique on the occasion of MaGiC's visit to the BacchaFestival in 2022. Who from MaGiC or Lesly is the real "genius" of this piece? Either way, the magic is there!


Invited to the BacchaFestival 2022 in Martinique to the delight of his audience. MaGiC feat MaGiC rocks everything! The local media are talking about it. Specta invites him to an interview. The enthusiasm around him is locally palpable!

Discover MaGiC feat MaGiC on Média Caraïbes with "Génie".


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Instagram : 9 050 subscribers

Facebook : 47 k Followers

Youtube : 13.1 k subscribers

Spotify : 1 476 listeners /month


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Estimated audience:

70% Female

30% Male

Estimated age [25 – 35 years old]

Location: DOM-TOM and France, French-speaking countries.

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