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Fruit of Martinique, MYELI is the youngest of a family of 4 children.

Cradled from an early age by music thanks to her music-loving parents and a brother, a Soul / Gospel singer, it is natural that she turns to singing with influences: Zouk, Kompa, Rnb, Afro, Kizomba. ..

In 2002, MYELI decided to get started and began as a backing vocalist and composer on the album "Sentiments Suprêmes" by the Comorian singer ABOU.

The same year, she meets the producer François FOURLIN with whom she will cover the title "Minouche" of the famous group VOLO VOLO, which will open the doors to the Haitian community and new collaborations have emerged with artists like B52, Mistè RABOTO as well as the group BAZ KRONIK (Live training).

She has traveled extensively, notably in Africa, the Caribbean, Switzerland, Belgium and Holland.

In 2021, MYELI presents you his single Zouk / Kompa "Arrête", Production MYELI & LIONY PROD.

So let yourself be rocked by this sweet and sweet voice !


* 2002: Resumption of the title Kompa "Minouche" from VOLO VOLO

* 2003: New Year's Day service in Cameroon at the SAWA Hotel in Douala and production of advertising spots for local channels.

* 2006: Title Zouk "Tu regrettes" compiled Concept Super Star in feat with Makdaniel

* 2007: feat with African artists Tchiko Tchicaya and Soulé Ngofoman

*Feb. 2008: Title Zouk Rnb "Week-End" (Composition François FOURLIN, compilation PUISSANCE ZOUK by WAGRAM.

* May 2008: Single Zouk Love "Konsolé" (Composition François FOURLIN), compilation PASSION ZOUK by WAGRAM.

* June 2008: Release of the LIVE album by the group KOU D'ETAT 100% KOMPA

* July 2008: feat with ELLSY on the hot sound of "Let yourself go" compilation ZOUK 40 ° by WAGRAM.

* 2010: Zouk title "I'm going" on the ZOUK IN LOVE 2010 compilation by WAGRAM

* 2012: Single Zouk "Je ne t'attends plus" SUNSHINE MUSIC production

* 2014: Single Zouk "Double game" Production LANDSWILLIAM

* 2016: Album "In Extremis" Production BROTHERS MELFORT

* 2018: Single Zouk "Ding Dong" Production MYELI & LOGAN PROD

* 2021: Single Zouk / Kompa "Arrête" Production MYELI & LIONY PROD

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